Salzburg pilot region

In the Salzburg pilot region, the prototype implementation of cross-mode and cross-operator traffic management is being tested.
One of the leading navigation applications in the car sector from the navigation provider Sygic is being used as an interface for road users. It is being adapted in the research project in such a way that it can receive and interpret cross-operator traffic management strategies via standard interfaces (e.g. DATEX II), so that the routing proposals can be dynamically adapted to the strategies.

In addition, users who mainly travel by public transport have the option of using a special pilot app that shows traffic management-optimised intermodal routes or MaaS offers and in many cases enables them to be booked directly.

As part of an evaluation during the pilot phase, the effects that are derived from the use of the apps is anonymously collected, i.e. whether and in what form the users follow the suggested routes.