Upper Austria pilot region (greater Linz area)

In close cooperation with companies in Linz (industrial area in the east of Linz), a laboratory environment is being created for an integrated mobility offer. On the one hand, the goal is to offer standardised and integrated access to adequate mobility options for the daily commute, but on the other hand to also provide options for leisure time travel ("app instead of own car").

Participating companies in the pilot project have the opportunity to offer their employees an option to change their mobility more easily and sustainably through better information and new forms of mobility. The plan is to make the resulting offer available to all employees in the industrial area in order to expand their commuting opportunities and make them as flexible as possible.

In summary, the pilot project's objectives can be formulated as follows: The laboratory environment serves as the basis for optimising daily commuter traffic. This optimisation is achieved by increasing the occupancy rate of vehicles (through a ridesharing platform), promoting the switch to public transport, reducing traffic jams (CO₂ emissions) in the greater Linz area and making employers in the greater Linz area more attractive through the mobility offer.